About us

The Leerwerkloketten are best explained as Service Centers on Education and Work. We exist since 2005 and are partnerships between municipalities, educational institutions (mainly vocational education) and public employment services. The Leerwerkloketten are commissioned by the Ministry of Social Affairs & Employment (SZW) and regional partners. Since 2017 we receive structural financing from the Ministry. There are 35 Leerwerkloketten, one in every labour market area. A national support team facilitates and supports the 35 Leerwerkloketten.

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The Leerwerkloketten:

  • offer independent and free individual advice with broad knowledge about education and the labour market.
  • support clients in making the right career choice to find and keep a job; career guidance.
  • discuss educational needs / the need for lifelong learning with employers, and assist in building apprenticeships.
  • have an expansive network due to the partnership.
Every Leerwerkloket has one manager and together with a team of career counselors everyone works together to help people with questions regarding their career path and education. Everyone that has a question about combining learning and working, retraining, reskilling and upskilling can come to the Leerwerkloketten. Our advices are independent and free of costs. We offer our services as part of the need for life long learning.
LLL for society

Life Long Learning and our society

Lifelong learning is important for society as a whole, and it’s beneficial as well. The labour market and professions are constantly changing, think about AI, the pandemics, globalisation and the energy transition. Here you can see that a dynamic labour market has benefits such as an inclusive labour market, and it can keep up with changes. Also the employment rate will increase. Secondly, when the international competitiveness is strengthened, you increase labour productivity, you preserve capital and knowledge, which causes that the Netherlands is an attractive climate for business. Last, the social benefits, when you focus on a life long learning, you have less allowances, medical expencses, crime and the tax income is higher.

Positive and reliable

The Leerwerkloketten were evaluated in 2021: we are seen as a positive, reliable partner in the regions.


You can find the Leerwerkloket in your labour market area on this link (page is in Dutch).